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5 ideas to use DIY tiered trays

5 ideas to use DIY tiered trays

How I use my DIY tiered trays

Lately I have been seeing a lot of DIY tiered trays on my Pinterest feed. Heck, search DIY tiers and you will see all kinds of cool ideas. What I love about them is that with a little creativity and home purging you can do this in a short amount of time. Once I made my first tray I was like, Okay, that was so fun...what else do I have so I can make more?


For a couple of days it was tier happy at my house. And when I ran out of household unused items, I ran down to our local Unique Junque store and bought some more which cost me a whopping dollar. Score!

So what's a girl to do when she is in a DIY tier frenzy? She makes gifts. 

Here's 5 ways I am using my DIY tiered trays. I mean, can you really have too many pretty storage trays?

1. Tiered Center Piece

I made this beauty from two pizza trays and a wooden candle pillar. When I get tired of this look, I can swap out the top decor for a pitcher bouquet of flowers, greenery, or whatever. The versatility of this tray will be tested. Ideas?

2. Tiered Jewelry Stand

With some martini glasses, a chipped tea saucer, plate and cake pan I now have a jewelry stand to park my day-to-day bling. The top holds all those hard-to-see clear earring backs. It's the only way I can find them when I separate them from the oodles of earring collection.

Second tray houses my rings and favorite earrings while the last is where I drop off my bracelets. I like how I can see what I want and it looks purdy. 


3. Tiered Make-up Tray

This is my first tiered stand I made. The candle holders I had were stored under a bed for uh-hmm...years. I know. I should probably do some under the bed cleaning more often. Other than that, this one is pretty much the same as the second stand I described. 

When I first made it, I wasn't sure of it's purpose. I knew it was going in the main bath as a way to brighten up the space. When my daughter saw it, she immediately asked if she could store her make-up items on it. Good idea. And when she returns to college I will set it up as a guest essential tray or something like that.


4. Tiered Gift Item

The black tiered stand is for my daughter. I figured since she enjoyed the make-up stand she would want something to take with her. She dressed it up with some Sharpies. 

This one I made from a wine, snifter, and martini glass. The glass pie pan was never used as it was too small. And the plate was part of that dollar deal I spoke about earlier.


Can't you just see this on top of a college student's dresser. Will be interesting to see how my kiddo puts it to use. She's pretty darn creative.

I also made one for my daughter-in-law for Christmas. She seemed to appreciate the fact that it was homemade...yes!

5. Tiered Soap Dish

The bathroom. So difficult to keep it clean AND pretty. Our bathroom typically ends up with all sorts of items strewn across the counter. Between toothpaste, saline solution, make-up remover and whatnot, storing the soap got lost in the mayhem. The other thing I despised was the soap trail it would leave between his/her side of the sink. 

I may have elevated the access to the soap which may or may not solve my soap trail problem, but it does bring some pretty to the table.


This piece was also made from my Unique Junque dollar steal items. Now that is frugal shopping.

There are so many ways these could be put to use. Plus it cost me only a dollar as I had everything else on hand. Other than waiting for the paint to dry, I'd say this was a win-win craft project.

Want some more ideas? Check out this Pinterest feed and be prepared. You may find yourself making all sorts of DIY tiered trays.

Leave me a comment and feel free to share; cuz, you know what they say about sharing...


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