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DIY faux shiplap

I'm not sure when I began to actually verbalize my master bedroom dream to Hubby. He's the kind of guy who is pretty darn content with the way things are. Each time I'd bring up an idea, he would poo-poo it. Tell me the room was fine...etc., etc. But you know, happy wife, happy life and all that. Poor guy.

So when I told him I wanted to buy four sheets of underlayment plywood for a plank wall, he raised his eyebrows, gave me the look... sighed, and said, "Okay". 

Affordable Dresser Refresh with Paint

I had this vision that one day I would have a beautiful master suite. Something grown-up...polished. A place where my mind sighed every time I entered. But with two mismatched dressers and very little spending money it seemed like my dream would never see the light of reality.  But where there is imagination, Pinterest, and paint...anything is possible.

Rustic style laundry room makeover

The dirty room--dun, dun, duuun. I'm pretty sure when they designed our modular home the laundry room was an after thought. It's a bit of an eyesore especially when sitting down to eat a meal. It desperately needed a makeover that didn't break the bank. Preferably a rustic farm-style makeover.

Could I create a space that was functional, stylish and didn't cost me a thing? What if I already had everything I needed; I just needed to re-imagine the space?

DIY simple country home decor

The corner of my master bath tub has always been an eye sore. I could just never imagine what would look good there. I love the farm style look with clean simple lines. With some scrap pieces of wood and paint I got to work making my own farm style decor.

DIY outdoor kitchen table

It's summer time and with summer comes outdoor grillin'. There is nothing better than sitting on the back deck with a toddy watching Hubby grill up some steaks or chicken or ribs get the idea. For years he has had little elbow room to perform his savory smoke flavored show.

Kitchen storage challenged? Go vertical!

The kitchen. The place that is the heart of home because, as you know, the way to the heart is with food. Good thing Hubby likes to cook!

I dream that one day I will magically discover the perfect way to organize my kitchen. Hence the rotation of kitchenware, spices, grains, pots, pans, get the picture.

Going vertical seemed like the right move. 



Narrow kitchen drawer storage challenge

I'm not sure if this is a manufacture home thing or what, but my four kitchen drawers are narrow. My kitchen is small to boot. Figuring out where to store everything is a challenge. Storing it in a smart way...well that, my friends, was what I set out to do on this rainy day weekend. 

11 handmade signs

I am a tad bit obsessed with meaningful messages. Throughout my home you will find life messages. Some that are deep and others, somewhat of a duh message. Most I painted free-hand style (I'm still behind the print-impose-paint method.). My signs are not perfect. I kind of like that. Life isn't perfect. 

DIY Cute Cabin Style Greenhouse

I never dreamed I would have a greenhouse cabin. It has become my she-shed where I can play in the dirt or work on some home projects. Hubby built me a potting bench, seed starter shelves, a tomato bed, and lots of storage space. And if one day the greenhouse has run its course, would be pretty easy to convert into a guest cabin.